Is It Haram To Wear Evil Eye Yes/No

Evil eye, also known as “nazar” or “ayin”, is a belief held by many cultures around the world. It is believed that certain individuals have the power to cast an evil gaze upon others, which can bring harm or misfortune. In response, people have adopted various methods to protect themselves from the evil eye, including wearing evil eye jewelry or accessories. However, the question arises whether Is It Haram To Wear Evil Eye (forbidden) in Islam. In this article, we will delve into this topic to provide a confident and exact answer.

Does Is It Haram To Wear Evil Eye

Yes, it is important to have a confident and exact answer regarding the permissibility of wearing evil eye accessories, as it directly relates to one’s faith and religious obligations.

Islam places a great emphasis on distinguishing between what is halal (permissible) and what is haram (forbidden), and it is crucial for Muslims to seek clarity in matters like these.

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Why Is It Haram To Wear Evil Eye?

In Islamic teachings, the belief in the evil eye or “ayn” is acknowledged. The evil eye is when someone casts an unintentional or intentional harmful gaze on another person, object, or place, resulting in misfortune or harm. Wearing or displaying items associated with the evil eye is considered Haram (forbidden) in Islam. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Shirk (associating partners with Allah): Islam emphasizes monotheism (Tawhid), the belief in the oneness of Allah. Wearing the evil eye as a form of protection can be seen as associating supernatural or magical powers with objects rather than relying solely on Allah’s protection. It goes against the concept of putting complete trust and reliance on Allah alone.
  • Lack of concrete evidence: The idea of the evil eye is based on superstition and folklore, rather than concrete evidence or teachings found in the Quran or Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad). Islam promotes seeking knowledge, reasoning, and following what is clearly established in Islamic teachings.
  • Diverting focus from reliance on Allah: Islam encourages Muslims to rely on Allah for protection and to seek His help through prayer, supplication, and good deeds. Instead of placing faith in objects, wearing the evil eye can potentially distract individuals from developing their spiritual connection and reliance on Allah.
  • Cultural practices and superstition: The evil eye belief is deeply rooted in various cultures and traditions. While cultural practices might be important to individuals, Islam guides Muslims to prioritize and adhere to the principles and teachings of the religion over cultural practices that may contradict Islamic beliefs.

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Quran Verses & Hadith About Wearing Evil Eye Accessories – Halal or Haram?

In seeking guidance on the permissibility of wearing evil eye accessories, it is valuable to refer to the relevant Quranic verses and hadith (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). However, it is important to note that no explicit mention of evil eye accessories exists in these sources.

The Quran encourages believers to seek protection through supplications and remembrance of Allah:

“And I seek refuge in You, O Lord, lest they be present with me” (Surah Al-Muminun 23:97).

This verse emphasizes the belief in seeking refuge from harm through supplication to Allah. However, the specific context of wearing evil eye accessories is not addressed.

Similarly, several hadith mention the importance of seeking refuge in Allah from the evil eye. For instance, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised reciting specific supplications, such as the “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah) before entering one’s home. These supplications are not limited to wearing specific accessories but focus on general protection against evil.

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Is It Haram to Wear Evil Eye for Fashion?

Wearing an evil eye accessory as a fashion statement, without associating it with any superstitious belief or power, does not necessarily fall under the category of haram. As long as the accessory serves its purpose as mere fashion adornment, without attributing any supernatural or religious significance, it can be considered permissible.

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Is It Haram to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

Wearing an evil eye bracelet as a piece of jewelry or an accessory does not inherently render it haram. As long as it is worn purely for aesthetic purposes without any belief in its mystical power, it remains permissible. It is essential to focus on one’s intention and avoid associating any form of supernatural belief to the accessory.

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Is It Haram to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry or Necklace?

Similar to evil eye bracelets, wearing evil eye jewelry or necklaces is not considered haram if it is solely worn as a decorative item or a fashion statement. The key aspect is to dissociate any superstitious beliefs or reliance on the accessory for protection or supernatural power. The intention behind wearing such items should purely be for adornment, without attributing any harmful or forbidden beliefs to them.

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Q: Is wearing evil eye accessories contradictory to Islamic teachings?

Wearing evil eye accessories can be contradictory to Islamic teachings if it involves attributing any supernatural powers or relying on them for protection. Islam promotes reliance on Allah alone and discourages beliefs in superstitions and charms.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines for wearing evil eye accessories in Islam?

Islam does not provide specific guidelines for wearing evil eye accessories as they are not explicitly mentioned in the religious texts. However, one should avoid engaging in superstitious beliefs or practices. And ensure the intention behind wearing such accessories is purely for aesthetic purposes.

Q: Does wearing evil eye accessories signify polytheism or disbelief?

Wearing evil eye accessories does not signify polytheism or disbelief unless one attributes supernatural powers to them. As long as the wearer understands that true protection comes from Allah alone and the evil eye accessory is viewed simply as a fashion statement. It is not considered polytheistic or contradictory to Islamic beliefs.

Q: Should Muslims avoid evil eye accessories altogether to avoid any confusion?

If one is unsure about the permissibility of wearing evil eye accessories or fears potential confusion. It is entirely acceptable to avoid them altogether. It is always better to err on the side of caution and prioritize clarity in matters of faith.


The permissibility of wearing evil eye accessories in Islam depends on the intention and belief associated with them. Islam places emphasis on seeking protection from Allah alone and discourages reliance on superstitious beliefs or charms. Wearing evil eye accessories purely for fashion purposes, without attributing any supernatural powers to them, is generally considered permissible.

It is important for Muslims to seek knowledge, consult scholars. And strive to align their actions with the teachings of Islam. Each individual should assess their own beliefs and intentions when it comes to wearing accessories. Ensuring they do not contradict Islamic principles. To gain a deeper understanding of what is halal and haram. It is recommended to consult reliable sources. Such as scholars, who can provide accurate guidance.

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