Is Subway Halal Yes/No

Fast-food chains have become a popular option for quick and convenient meals. However, for those following Islamic dietary laws, the question of whether Subway is halal or not arises. In this article, we will delve into the topic and explore the halal status of Subway, focusing on their tuna, chicken, turkey, and meat products.

Quranic Ayat

According to the Quran, in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:168), Allah says, “O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil.” This verse emphasizes the importance of consuming halal and wholesome food, highlighting the need for Muslims to be mindful of their dietary choices.

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Is Subway Halal Yes/No

Is Subway Tuna Halal?

Let’s begin by discussing Subway’s tuna sandwiches. The primary concern is whether the tuna used by Subway is halal. Subway uses canned tuna in their sandwiches, and typically, canned tuna consists of fish, water, salt, and in some cases, vegetable broth. As fish is inherently considered halal, it can be concluded that Subway’s tuna is also halal.

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Is Subway Chicken Halal?

Moving on to Subway’s chicken sandwiches, it’s crucial to examine the ingredients used and whether they adhere to halal guidelines. Subway uses chicken breast patties in their sandwiches, which are made from chicken breast meat, water, salt, and natural flavorings. As long as the chicken is sourced from halal-certified suppliers and prepared with halal practices, Subway’s chicken sandwiches can be considered halal.

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Is Subway Turkey Halal?

Next on our scrutiny list are Subway’s turkey sandwiches. Subway uses thinly sliced turkey breast in their sandwiches, which is usually made from turkey breast meat, water, salt, and natural flavorings. To ensure the halal status of Subway’s turkey, the same guidelines apply: the turkey must be sourced from trusted halal-certified suppliers and prepared according to halal standards.

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Is Subway Meat Halal?

Now, let’s delve into Subway’s meat products. Subway offers a variety of sandwiches with various meat options, including beef, ham, and pepperoni. The source and preparation of these meats are crucial in determining their halal status. If the sources its meats from halal suppliers, follow strict halal processing guidelines, and stores and handles the meats separately from non-halal products, these meat options can then be halal.

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Is Subway Halal Certified?

Despite the individual halal status of their ingredients, it’s essential to assess whether that as a whole is halal certified. They have a global presence, and halal certification may vary by region. Some Subway stores obtain halal certification from recognized Islamic certification bodies, meaning they comply with strict halal standards in their operations. However, not all Subway locations worldwide offer halal options, so it’s crucial to check with each specific store about their halal certification status.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I know if a Subway store offers halal options?

To find out if a specific Subway store offers halal options, you can directly inquire with the store management, visit their website or social media pages, or look for halal certification signs displayed at their premises.

Are halal options available in all Subway locations worldwide?

No, halal options are not available at every location globally. The availability of halal options varies depending on the region and store. Therefore, it’s prudent to confirm with the specific store about their halal offerings.

What steps does Subway take to ensure the integrity of their halal products?

They take measures to maintain the integrity of their halal products, including sourcing from halal-certified suppliers, ensuring separate storage and handling of halal products, and complying with strict halal guidelines during preparation and cooking.


In conclusion, they offer a variety of options that can be halal, including tuna, chicken, turkey, and meat products. It is essential to verify the halal certification status of individual stores, as it may vary by location. By adhering to the guidelines of halal certification and following Islamic dietary regulations. Muslims can make informed choices when dining at Subway. Remember to always inquire about the halal options available at specific stores. And enjoy your meal while staying true to your faith.

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